EMS Training… say what?!

If you’ve yet to hear about EMS training then you’ve probably been living under a rock. Recently taking Australia by storm, Electro Muscular Stimulation exercise is hugely prevalent across Europe and rapidly growing across the US.

With technology originating from Germany (aren’t the Germans just so clever;)) EMS training consists of wearing a bodysuit connected a machine, which sends pulses to your muscles, stimulating them to perform a contraction. It will pulse every 4-6 seconds as you are instructed to hold a certain workout position during the contraction. The electrical pulses mimic the natural electrical signals that are sent from your brain to the muscle when they are required to perform any action. The difference being, the EMS machine engages 100% of your muscle fibres, whereas your brain only uses a certain number of muscle fibres for each contraction. Therefore the contraction is of greater quality and consistency.

Each workout goes for 20 minutes (sounds easy right?) Well, it’s great because you have zero excuses to not be able to fit in at LEAST one workout per week. You have the flexibility to increase the impulse strength to your desired level each session, depending on your energy. So, if you’re like me and always trying to get to achieve a PB on a higher level, don’t be fooled – you will definitely be feeling that workout burn by the end. When you’re working at max, a 20 minute workout can be equivalent to 4 hours in the gym, crazy!

I have doing EMS training for almost 2 years (with obviously limited classes in 2020). This has allowed me to compare my results before, after and everything in-between. There is no denying the results I have achieved from EMS training. On average I will do 2 sessions a week, incorporated with a few runs or gym workouts on alternate days. Whether I am being consistent with my other training or not, EMS training keeps me in shape all year round. I focus on glutes and abdominals, and I can probably say both areas are consistently showing some of the best results I’ve ever had. My overall fitness goals have been much easier to achieve, quicker to attain and better.

Personally, I feel EMS training is great for keeping extra weight off, yet if muscle growth is something you’re after you can achieve that too (I’ve seen it first hand with some of my male friends who frequently attend.)

You all know I’m all for bio-hacking and attaining the best form of myself I can. This is a key player in my regime. Find your local, give it a try and experience it for yourself.

(I currently attend 20V Studio in Melbourne.)