5 Morning Habits That Will Make Your Day Better

I’m a big believer in your morning habits set the intentions and productivity of your day. Therefor, these habits are driving the direction of your life and your future. These are my five key morning rituals to achieve just this!

1.    Keep your phone on aeroplane mode for the first 30 minutes of your morning.

This allows your body time to adjust into the day, set good intentions and not be distracted by stressful or noisy emails or information from socials and thenews. Setting up a strong, clear headspace first thing will infiltrate the focus and clarity throughout your whole day.


2.    Have a daily gratitude journal.

This is something I begun during lockdown in 2020 with the well-known 6 minute gratitude journal that you can find onAmazon. However you don’t need this to express your morning gratitude. Whether you choose to say it in your mind, or write it down in a little journal, expressing one to three simple things at the start of each day has been proven to increase happiness and joy. And believe me, it works. Some days, the littlest things can be all that’s needed, like the ability to be breathing in fresh air, or seeing the clouds float through the sky.


3.    Meditate.

We all know I’ve been a big advocate for meditation over the years. There are so many different variations of meditation, so I encourage you play around with it (and have fun) until you find a style that works for you. Personally love having a mantra, calming meditation music and beautiful scented candles or incense in the background. Bliss. This encourages clear decision making throughout the day, promote calmness and an increase in energy and mood.


4.    Warm lemon water.

We’ve all heard this one before, but why?! Warm lemon water helps stimulate the digestive system and get everything moving in themorning. It’s great hydration, gentle on the body and has been shown to improve skin quality.


5.    Ice-cold showers!

Okay this may sound a little intense at first but if you’re game enough to try it, I promise you it’s a game change. Inspired by theIceman himself, Wim Hof, I eased myself into his teachings, starting with a normal hot shower in the morning but for the last 20 seconds turning the tap alllllll theway to the cold side. Look, it burns but this wake up is quicker than the morning coffee hit, stimulates the entire body and has been shown to be extra beneficialfor the bodies blood cells.