Want More Energy? Check this out!

If you’re reading this post I’m going to assume the title has spoken to you. You must be something like me and at points in your life, struggle with energy. Most of us do and there’s an array of different factors, but here are some of my essential added dietary supplements to give me that natural energy boost. Please note, I do not take this all at once! I change it up depending on different periods in my life and what I feel my body needs. Don’t underestimate the powerful of intuition, your body will tell you what it needs… when you listen.


This is probably one of my most favourite herb extracts. Maca powder can be found from all health food stores. Just a tsp or two in the morning in a smoothie or mixed in porridge helps as a natural energy boost. It also helps to balance hormones and increase libido. Winning;)

Maca is an adaptogen meaning it adapts to the bodies needs, helping with mental and physical stress.


You might not initially think of magnesium when it comes to energy, but magnesium actually has a very important roll in energy creation, by helping convert food into energy. It may help with exercise performance by moving blood sugar into muscles, affecting lactic acid, also helping muscle recovery. It has so many more benefits, like reducing inflammation and helping menstrual pain, that I believe it’s an important product to keep in the pantry!


This is a great coffee replacement. Matcha powder keeps the whole leaf and its’ nutrients, as opposed to just brewing the tea. It has up to 10 times the nutrients as matcha tea, including an array of antioxidants and chlorophyll. The amino acid, L-theanine stimulates alpha wave production in the brain, helping with focus, alertness and concentration. It provides a slow energy release over many hours, as opposed to coffees’ quick release of energy.


Heading down to a cellular level, being deficient in B12 can cause fatigue, weakness and weight loss. It’s essential in forming red blood cells which then transport oxygen around the body. Once the oxygen is in cells, it’s used for energy production. You can find B12 in foods like fish, meat and poultry or through extra supplementation. Often vegetarians and vegans need to take extra caution in getting extra B12 in their diets.


The root of the Siberian Ginseng plant contains properties that can supposedly help with energy and vitality. It has also been reported to be used as a cold and flu remedy, for cognitive function and athletic performance. Siberian Ginseng is also an adaptogen.


Ashwaganda is something I’ve found to be quite powerful from my research over the years and is of great recognition in Ayurvedic medicine. It is also recognised as an adaptogen. Ashwaganda can improve energy, focus, help balance mood & stress and maybe even help improve overall strength. It really is a powerrrful plant extract!


You’ll probably recognise this ingredient from energy drink marketing, but guarana is actually an incredible powerful plant, that can help reduce fatigue, and improve mental focus. It can also assist in stimulating weight loss. Best had first thing in the morning!


After all the years I spent making cocoa hot choccies and bliss balls, I didn’t even realise it had so many positive benefits, especially energy enhancing properties. Each tablespoon has about 12mg of caffeine. In the ancient tradition of Shamanism, they even have cocoa ceremonies for healing and rebalancing energy. And yes, sometimes people get high off the cocoa!

Overall, it’s best to monitor your energy through a balanced diet, highly nutritional produce and adequate sleep, but adding in supplements for an extra boost is a great temporary boost.

Please always check labels and consult a doctor if you have persistent energy loss and fatigue.