5 Evening Habits That Will Make Your Life Better

1.    Plan your next day – Have a note book or list on your computer of they key things you need to do or achieve the following day.Write them out and put the 3 hardest tasks or tasks you will avoid most as your non-negotiables to be completed before midday. Whether it’s a call you’ve been putting off or a pesky work task, ensure these are the first ticked off your list each day. Using this strategy will make you more productive, and go to sleep with peace knowing you’re organised and prepared for the following day.

2.    Lay the following days outfit out the night before. – Many top professionals have reported doing this.

If you’re preparing your own lunch for work, use this time as well to also prepare and pack your lunch for the following day. This maximises time in your morning routine and helps prep for a seamless start to the following day.

3.    Have dinner earlier and eat lighter. This is proven to be easier on your digestion, meaning your body can spend more time resting and recharging overnight, rather than processing food. You will wake up feeling more energised and lighter.

4.    Turn your phone off around 8:30pm (or at least 1hour before sleep time) – Winding down is essential for a good nights rest. It’s too easy to get caught up doing work, checking notifications or getting trapped in a TikTok time warp each night. Being strict with yourself and getting your phone off early, makes time for other things like reading to get the body into a better state for sleep.

5.    Wear blue light glasses as soon as the sun goes down. – I’m a big advocate for this one! In fact, I’m wearing them right now asI type this! Blue light blocker glasses protect our eyes from the blue light that emits off all our devices, phones, TV’s, iPad’s, computers and so on. This blue light from these devices stops the production of melatonin in our body, as the body is tricked into thinking it’s still day time. Melatonin is essential for putting our body into sleep mode. Have a pair of these on your bedside table and chuck them on in the evening. I’ve even heard of people wearing them all day long, when working on computers for extended periods of time. Benefits include reduced eye redness or soreness, decrease in stress/face tension and decrease in headaches.