Xmas Ideas for that Special Someone

Christmas is right around the corner, but buying presents or thinking of new ideas can be hard. But, I’m here to help! No matter what your budget, I have something for everyone. Here’s my current favourite present ideas.

  1. You can’t go wrong with something personal! Personalised gifts always make someone feel special.
    • Try Casetify for a new phone cover. You can use Tess15 for a discount.
    • Beysis is great for personalised goods like water bottles or airpod cases.
    • Monverre has gorgeous custom wine glasses that will elevate any occasion.
    • If your special someone is pet obsessed, (who isn’t?) check out Paint my Pooch.

2. Advent calendars are a top pick as the excitement continues all month long. There are so many great ones available these days such as from Mecca, GlassHouse Fragrances or a top fave, the Love Honey sexy advent calendar. Spice up your bedroom this December!

3. Jewellery is turning digital. An Apple watch or Oura ring are cool and practical. And if you’re away from home at Xmas time, these are great presents that you can hide in your luggage. 😉

4. Get out of the house! After way too long cooped up in our houses, everyone is keen to get out and vacay! Although a lot of places have been snapped up pretty quickly, there are still some great finds available into the new year. Have a google search, check Airbnb and while you’re at it, plan an itinerary too. Whether it’s trying a new activity like surf lessons, horseback riding or just a relaxing winery lunch, get creative.  

5. No money, no worries! Some of the best gifts are priceless. Creating a collage, custom photo album or picture frames are some of the most thoughtful gifts that will last forever. Get creative by visiting your local paper shop or Officeworks for decorative pens, paper, stickers etc. Use a polaroid camera to snap some special moments in the lead up. You can even import images on your phone to apps like Prequel before printing, adding cool vintage or retro effects. If you don’t feel like too getting creative, import your fave images online to get a personalised album printed and sent straight to your door. Click here!