Recapping Women’s Wellness

It was so wonderful to have face-to-face events again after a very isolated last year. We held the sixthTess Talks event at Willow Urban Retreat recently talking all things Women’s Wellness.I was joined by two ofAustralia’s leading female health experts, Chantelle Otten and Amanda Waaldyk. I wanted this event to uplift women, acknowledging how powerful we are, and praise us for all the work we do that we don’t often appreciate in ourselves. While we carry on every day focused on our goals, ambitions, health and so on, we forget that there is a whole network inside us working to keep us functioning. At this event we explored those areas, our physical and emotional health, our hormones, fertility, the cycles of a woman, how to take control of our health once again and of course sexual empowerment. Boom. 

This discussion was heartfelt, amusing and powerful. In an age where we have given up a lot of our intuition in exchange for answers from external authoritative figures or societal pressures and expectation, we aimed to bring the power back into the individual.Our intuition is always with us and can tell us a lot about our current state and what our body is asking from us. Learning to listen to it as well as adapting to our ever-changing state and hormones, means an ultimately stronger, more grounded and healthier state on the other end. As we spoke about on the day, “go with the flow!”

Amanda Waaldyk is a Doctor ofChinese Medicine, yoga & meditation teacher and energy healer. She also specialises in fertility and IVF support, pregnancy and overall women’s health.She guided us with great wisdom through the panel, explaining how our experiences with rights of passages as women, and experiences throughout our life(including trauma) can dictate the future outcomes around our health. The physical and emotional are so deeply related and this awareness is what Amandas hared with us.

Chantelle Otten is an award-winningPsycho-Sexologist who is passionate about empowering people to feel great around their sexual health, self-esteem, communication and education. She led a sexy, raw and open conversation with all attendees about honouring our sexuality as a female and having a healthy sexual relationship with ourselves or partners. She also touched on the array of different facets which could cause disruption around sexual experiences and encounters, helping normalise issues and stigma. 

This was one powerful event and I’m so grateful to all the amazing women in the room who attended. Thank you to our amazing sponsors as well. Until the next xo

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