Wim Hof, The Ice Man

Have you ever dreamt of being a superhero?

Have you ever imagined flying, or having incredible powers to do incredible things? The answer is probably yes. Getting our bodies to do extraordinary things beyond our imagination. Well, he hasn’t yet flown, but what he teaches could be the closest we can get to having real ‘super powers.’

The IceMan… Who is he? A man who has achieved mind-blowing accomplishments, has defied public health and medical books, and unlocked the real power of the human body. Wim Hof has conquered multiple death deifying and mind blowing challenges. He holds almost 20 world records, including climbing Mt. Everest and Mt. Kilimanjaro in nothing but shorts, running a half marathon barefooted above the polar circle and a full marathon in the desert with no water. His achievements though are not only by foot, he also holds records for swimming long distance under polar ice, having the longest ice bath, and the one yet somehow stands out even more to me, he has managed to prevent himself, and his students, from catching a bacterial virus, when injected with it directly. And the outstanding thing is, you or I can do this too.

I can only imagine now you’re asking how is this possible? It’ll blow your mind as to how simple the process is. Although needing regular intense practise, anyone is able to do it. Wim Hof was born in Limburg, the Netherlands. Now 56, he has for most of his life, devoted it to training his body mentally and spiritually in hard natural environments and under extreme conditions. Basically, his belief is this, it comes down to the way you breathe. Wim says we are disconnected from our natural state of being, strongly due to modern lifestyle and… shallow breathing. Results have shown that his method appears to affect the autonomic nervous system and the immune system. The amount of oxygen we inhale through breathing, influences the amount of energy that is released into our body cells. With Wim’s technique, by thoroughly inhaling and exhaling in the breathing exercises, you will consume a lot of oxygen, altering the heart rate, cells, the pH-value and reducing blood CO2 levels. This system keeps the body in optimal condition and functions at a higher level when subjected to extreme conditions. 

To me, the idea that he is able to do this all naturally, just confirms that we have very little understanding of the power of the human mind and body. As a collective, we’ve become so righteous, in that we always know what’s best for us, yet all we are doing is accepting the status quo. The reason Wim’s technique of immune system control interests me so much, is because he is truely protecting his body from exterior elements. The scientific research of this technique was conducted at Radboud University in the Netherlands. All students who completed the examination had been trained by Hof for only 10 days prior! When injected with the E-coli bacteria, they were able to prevent the illness from affecting them, suffering only minor symptoms such as a headache. Normally, people develop severe flu symptoms like fevers and muscle pains. This proves the immune system can be modulated. Why is this so important do I think? Because, this could in turn lead to bigger things. I truely believe we have the power to control our body’s systems, developing optimum cell function, mind power, and a healthy lifestyle. Bruce Lipton is a man who has also touched on this, but I will elaborate on his research another time. 

So, you might be thinking, how can I do this then? Well, the study isn’t to be taken lightly. It’s a significant commitment. There are training groups and workshops around the world where teachers of this technique can be found. Wim holds trainings as well. However, it’s accessible to all. On his website you can sign up for the 10 week online course where with a dedicated hour a day, you can find yourself altering your autonomic system, train your concentration and mindset and gradually become more resistant to cold. I will make sure to keep you updated when I take the plunge and commit to this extraordinary exercise. Wim’s method is being researched and investigated by multiple scientific institutes. I strongly recommend looking into Wim Hof and watching the VICE documentary. Maybe one day, it’ll be taught as a norm. The full power of the human body is yet to be discovered.