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Fixing Breakouts with Swisse

Hellooooo Pimples! Yeah, it appears that the combination of Melbourne winter, home isolation and now... face masks are not the best mixture for flawless skin. Sigh! I have seen remarks all over socials from so many people currently dealing with breakouts, dry skin, oily skin and everything in between. Including me! So until we can lap up that Vitamin D, dip in the salty ocean and sip coconuts on white sand beaches, what CAN we do?

Firstly, dealing with the problem face on. We have to give our skin the best possible assistance when it's combating the negative external factors. For me, more natural products have always worked best and not over complicate my routine. I use the Swisse Balance range, to re-balance dryness & oiliness. The Blemish Controlling Moisturiser has been great for breakout prone skin. On the days my skin feels drier from the winter months and the houses heating, I incorporate some products from Nourish Range. I love natural oils, so the rose hip oil, macadamia oil and jojoba oil products are all high on my list! Swapping between a couple of these every other night seems to work best for the skin to not become reliant, and get the benefits from all these yummy ingredients.

We know beauty also comes from the inside out too, which is why I have used this isolation to nourish my gut. With the current lockdown climate, it's easy to get into a diet rut. (Did anyone else notice that all totally rhymes?! Fluked that.) However, cutting back on sugar, dairy, alcohol (unfortunately, but it's not that hard after the initial week or two! I promise) and even gluten can all majorly reduce those nasty spots. Keep lots of green leafy vegetables in your diet, organic blueberries, papaya and plenty of filtered water. If you gently begin to limit your consumption of these foods, you'll be surprised at how quickly you'll feel and look better. Allow yourself one cheat day a week (but don't go overboard). we still want to enjoy life's pleasures. Not only has this helped my skin but my brain fog has cleared.

You can add an extra boost to your body with additional supplements. As you know, I've been using Swisse products for a while now, which includes their Collagen Powders to support skin repair, elasticity and overall texture.  Recently, I have also been having their Hemp Seed Oil supplements, to support nutritional wellbeing, and balance natural oils in the skin.

Lastly, don't stress about it! It happens to most of us. Stress can inflame breakouts so embrace them, thank them for visiting and kiss 'em goodbye.

Click here to check out the whole range <3

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