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Tess Talks Periods & Womens Health with Monica Yates (And Dexy Dog)

Updated: Jul 8

Have you ever felt a bit lost at the doctors? Not sure which contraception you should be on? Ever felt like you don’t have much of a choice or don’t feel empowered with your options? Maybe you struggle from painful periods, endometriosis or PCOS? Do you skip your periods and believe that they’re irrelevant until you want to have children?

Whatever your thoughts are around this sometimes overwhelming topic, Monica Yates, Womens Life & Period Coach sits down with me to explain the power of the menstrual cycle and give you some guidance as to how it works and why we should embrace this natural bodily cycle.

Monica explains how oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone work within our bodies, how they change in different parts of our cycle and tells us how and why this is necessary for our bodies overall wellbeing. Yates shares knowledge about the pill, other forms of contraception and skipping periods with links to anxiety, depression, thyroid problems and so much more.

We debunk some myths behind periods such as how they shouldn’t be painful, cause bloating or cravings.

Get a taster of this fascinating topic in the video below. Start understanding you body and cycle again, to be the ultimate you, the way nature intended it!

Monica will be speaking at Tess Talks later this year.

Stay updated on @tesstalksofficial for dates and how to book.

Monica Yates:





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