• Tess Shanahan

Tess Talks Dinner

Recently, I held the first ever Tess Talks Event. It was truely incredible to see my little passion project, blossom into a real life function.

I started Tess Talks a couple years ago. It was a platform for me to share ideas, topics and concepts which I believe are beneficial to the individual and to the collective. By beneficial, I mean something of societal benefit, self-development, thought-provoking, motivating or even topics of controversy. If we continue to talk about such things, we in turn become more aware, more knowledgeable and happier human beings. If we all do such things, then slowly over time, the society we live in becomes the same.

To see a group of highly influential guests walk out of the venue after my event, all with something positive to say, some personal gain attained, or simply a smile on their face was a truely special and memorable moment. My vision had been achieved.

I hope to grow Tess Talks Events into a platform where inspiring speakers from all around the world can present their views to a wider audience each and every time.

Thank you to Glenn Manton and Tamara Kennedy for being the first speakers at Tess Talks Events. You were both deeply inspiring and motivating. Also, a big thank you to all the sponsors and brands who helped make the night so momentous.

Tess xx


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