• Tess Shanahan

Brows with Suzie McIntosh

Updated: Jul 8

"Don't let anybody with bad eyebrows tell you shit about your life."

The countless mornings I spent in the bathroom, tossing between eyebrow pencil, an eyebrow powder palette or even trying some eyeshadows to get those bad boys right. It's a time consuming process but brows are the one thing I won't leave the house without doing. There's something powerful about having good brows. I'm sure most of you girls out there can relate.

So, when I heard about Suzie and saw the amazing brows she'd given my friend, you couldn't of gotten me knocking on her door quicker.

I'd messaged about 20 people asking who had eye-brow feathering and what it was like. The consensus was only positive, but that didn't change the fact I went into my appointment shitting myself. No sugar-coating here. One, it was my first tattoo. Two, it's on my face!! Imagine if it was to go wrong... But how could it in the trusty hands of Suzie, who's been doing brows since she was a teenager!

The actual process took around 1 hour, but I was so nervous that time sped up pretty quickly. My brows were lathered with numbing cream before hand, so there was little pain. It was more uncomfortable hearing the blade on my skin, and having to put up with my constantly watering eyes and face that felt like it'd had grass thrown all-over it during hay-fever season.

Alas, I walked out of there with killer bold brows, ready for an event I went straight to that night. The following two days I proceeded to look a bit like I was going for the drag queen brow look, but that quickly faded down. The healing process was probably the hardest part, as I couldn't exercise properly for 10 days to avoid sweating, or have warm steamy showers during our cold winter mornings.

Was it all worth it though? HELLS YES!

And my make-up routine takes half the amount of time in the morning! Ready, come at me brow.



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