• Tess Shanahan

Tess' Cafe List 101 - #3

So, I've been working hard... or eating hard...however you want to look at it, to bring you guys my next cafe blog.

There's a few specials this month for those vegan lovers, vegetarians and intolerance prone eaters.

Hopefully this helps! Enjoy x

Little Big Sugar Salt

Tucked away on a corner street in Abbotsford, this quaint little cafe doesn't look like much from its outside appearance. However, as you enter, you are warmly welcomed into a renovated house making you feel cosy and instantly at home. Tables are spaced out in multiple rooms, which is perfect for keeping the intimacy with your foodie partner/s.

I was surprised in myself for never having heard of this place, and I drive past it a lot. (What kind of foodie am I?!) Well, I was in for a treat when I finally made it in.

LBSS is vegan based, but not to stress if you're not a vegan yourself because you'd never be able to tell. The food is so extremely flavoursome and creative, with that home-made feeling. It shakes up your stereotypical cafe brunch, with dishes such as roasted Kumara (sweet potato), kimchi, cashew cream and… drum roll…salmon bacon!!! Or try tackle a mega sized sandwich (make sure you read the names of them all too ;) ). Otherwise their sweeter dishes are the perfect balance of sweet and savoury - vegan banana oatmeal waffles, or my absolute fave, guilt free sweet potato pancakes... to die for!

You can treat yourself here, knowing that you're really not putting any nasties into your body. From the detail in the dishes, to the engaging and quirky touches on the menu, this is one venue that has clearly been created with love and care.

Market on Malvern Cafe

Another newbie I've stumbled across, and I'm quite obsessed with, is MOM cafe.

This cafe truely resonates with me, as promotes every value I believe when it comes to eating. "Food is medicine” - is their mission. MOM’s menu is designed by a team who work in the same building, including naturopaths, doctors, dieticians and nutritionists. Their core belief is eat with purpose, pulling concepts right back to the basis of why we eat and how we should eat. Each menu item is developed with ingredients to help a specific attribute. Choose a meal to give you energy, help you sleep or strengthen your immunity. The list is endless, and it's a real reminder of the power food has when it comes to wellbeing, strength and longevity. How cool is that?! What other menu have you seen that tells you how to eat according to your current mood? Love it.

Not only that, but this cafe was developed to suit any form of intolerance from the common to the uncommon, and the highly knowledgeable staff can accomodate to anyone.

When you eat here, you can taste and see the freshness of the food, the clean cooking methods and the life the produce contains.

It’s also a super cute and fun fit out, with a gorgeous courtyard and sweet little eye catching quotes which can’t help but make you smile. The thing which really tipped me over the edge though was the fact they even have a doggy treats menu. 5 stars in my books ;)

Urban Projuice

This is another good one for you vegan lovers ;) Regardless of the vegan influence though, you aren’t able to distinguish it differently to your regular cafe brunch spot. Tofu scramble, vegan tofu cheeses and vegan ice-cream is just the beginning of the various options available at this whole foods cafe. The menu is so large that whether you're a sweet or savoury tooth, peckish or ravenous, meat lover or not, there are multiple items that will tickle your fancy.

And for this greedy guts, one of their winning points is that they have big servings! No skimping out on the extras, I like that ;)

It’s located in the beautiful Albert Park, which lives and breaths that fresh ambience, only adding to the tranquility of the cafe.

Tinker and Penta

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have seen Tinker in Northcote and Penta in Elsternwick pop up everywhere recently. The guys behind these cafes have totally nailed the cafes’ fit outs and menu. You can see the relation between both menus, yet they both still offer a slight twist and variation to the other. The layouts are ultra modern and clean, with cool white and grey tones, and fresh greenery. Perfect for that bloggy Instagram photo you’ll be uploading ;)

I’ve often found newer cafes can over complicate their menu items, with new trends or twists. These cafes have found the perfect balance to your fave brunch recipes, yet still managing to differentiate themselves from your go-to basics at other cafes. You can’t go past the breakfast bowl, with the best greens, pita chips and smoked yogurt…. the perfect way to start your day. For lunch try the popular zoodle pasta with salmon, or my personal recommendation, the okonomiyaki! If you’re feeling a little bit (or a lot) decadent, try the nutella panna cotta dish with nut butter, banana sushi and marshmallows - oh my! I can tell you from personal experience, it’s amazing.

Try fitting in the berry smoothie in too, it’s worth it. ;)

Walk Don’t Run

A small venue and a small selection, yet with big flavours, and a calming atmosphere. The staff are so kind and welcoming, you will instantly feel at home. It’s the perfect space to pop open your laptop and get focused on work while you eat, especially on a warm day outside.

This cafe boasts creating food, mindfully. With only the best organic produce, they focus on each dish providing nourishment from superfoods and fresh ingredients. Their menu is strong, yet delicate. Certain dishes offer an Asian influence, such as the Savoury rice porridge, which is a hit between my friends and I. The house-made life-loaf is also to die for. You can taste the goodness, without compromising on taste. There’s some great vegan options too, like the vegan breakfast parfait, with vanilla soy creme, yum!

A true reminder that sometimes less is really more.


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