• Tess Shanahan

A Day on the Runway - Myer AW' 17

Last Thursday, 16th Feb, Myer unveiled their 2017 Autumn/Winter collection with their annual runway show. The spectacular and intimate dinner was held in the Melbourne University carpark. One wouldn't normally expect a carpark as a fashion event venue choice, but this one, well, it's different to others. Heritage listed due to its innovative structural layout, dramatic internal designs and neoclassical sculptures adorning the entry. It was the perfect space to showcase some of Australia's best designers, such as Alex Perry, Aje, Asilio, Kate Sylvester, White Suede, Matejesvki, Misha Collection, Nicola Finetti, Yeojin Bae and many more.

Have you ever wondered what goes on backstage at a runway? The glamour and excitement... Well let me tell you it's not all that! The day began with a 6:30am call time. The first thing we do is jump into the makeup chair. Considering the show isn't until 8pm that night, it seems like a crazy hour to be getting started on our looks, but believe me, with the detail and creations, it can take multiple hours of sitting in these chairs to achieve the final look. For this years Myer Autumn Winter shows, models either had a beach look wave with a fringe or a slick pony tail. Makeup featured a nude face, with heavy lined eyes and...drum roll... no eye brows! They didn't quite wax them off (phew), but it almost felt like they would come off with the copious amounts of glue and pale foundation that they were coated in.

Mid-morning rehearsals began. Usually we do around three full dress rehearsals and then a media call in the afternoon. There really is not glamour to this. There are hours of repeating the same choreography, changing in and out of painful heels, and lots of waiting around. However, at least we get to ensure it's a smooth show!

By the late afternoon all rehearsals are completed and we normally get an hour break with dinner. It's heaven to relax, at this point it's already been a 10 hour day! Slowly the atmosphere begins to build as show time draws closer. We head back into hair and makeup for final touch ups, before getting dressed into opening looks. By this point, guests are arriving and enjoying their first meal, while the tension back stage is building. Everyone is lined up by the runway entrance and as the music roars into life, we are one-by-one timed onto the stage. It's always such a buzz and endorphin rush to walk down the runway. Coming off, it's normally bedlam, with girls running around, stripping off their clothes into the next outfit in about 60 seconds flat, before hearing your name called to get back on. It always seems to be a rush. Once I even missed my walk because I couldn't get changed in time! The speed makes the 20 minute show seem like it lasts only a few minutes. Before you know it, finale walks are completed and 16 hours later we are allowed to go home!

This being my sixth year of walking for Myer, it was once again a pleasure, and this year to walk down the red carpet runway. Make sure you check out all the behind the scenes snaps below.

Until next season! XX

Photo Credit: Lucas Dawson Photography


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