• Tess Shanahan

Tess' Cafe List 101 #2

Every few weeks I’ll continue to report on my top favourite eating spots around Melbourne. Because boy, I LOVE eating. I am also working on a post for Sydney so anyone living or travelling there… stay tuned! If you haven’t already read my first 'Cafe List' post, make sure you scroll down later and have a read.

Serotonin Kitchen

This bad boy has been one of my favourites for a long time. If you want a cafe to put a smile on your face, this place will, no doubt. Not only do their specialty lattes come grinning at you, the place is light with a focus on yellow, and all things happy. Golden cutlery adorns the tables, with pretty flowers, and even swings as chairs! Now if that doesn’t put a smile on your dial I don’t know what would! But I haven't even started on the food. Well, with a focus on upping your serotonin levels, you can rest assured that everything you eat here is good for you. Perfect for someone like me who finds themselves eating out a lot and not wanting to reap the effects of processed and fatty foods. The Positive Pancakes are to die for, with ‘banana nice-cream’ and berries, you can’t even tell that what you’re eating is healthy for you! Another one of my faves is their Nutrition Bomb. Credits to them for being one of the first cafes to introduce this dish. It definitely holds credits in my books for being the best one I’ve eaten! Accompanied by an amazing Acai Smoothie or a healthy peanut butter latte… I leave with record high serotonin levels every time!

If that’s not impressive enough, the Serotonin Dealer offers exercise and education too. Seminars are held throughout the year to promote owner Emily’s 12 Step guide to natural happiness. You can also get tailored health programs and training for overall fitness, strength and toning through their personal training service. Very impressive guys!

Sir Charles

So, when I first discovered this place, I found myself back there like 3 times that week. That’s pretty rare for someone like me who is all about trying new places. I even ordered the same dish twice in a row - another shock horror for me! The Salmon Benedict is aaa-mazing. Make sure you’re hungry because it’s pretty decadent - Panko crumbed eggs with salmon, mushies, spinach & hollandaise served on… drum roll… roti. Deeelish. But check out their menu, there are so many goodies. So if you’re North side, make sure you check it out. Their waffles are visually spectacular with colourful dollops of marshmallows and marscapone - definitely makes for a hot Instagram picture, ha! There are also some classic dishes with the perfect twist.


Another local watering hole is this gorg cafe located on Bridge Rd, Richmond. They have an awesome courtyard, suitable for winter or summer, where I love to take little Dexter. There really is nothing more satisfying than a generous sized and extremely tasty brunch, and that’s what you’ll get here. They actually do have a meal suited for everyone. I’ve had their Morning Grain Salad like a zillion times. It’s one of the tastiest breaky salads I’ve found. In winter their Almond Milk Porridge really hits the spot. And with two variations of smashed avo, they’ve won my heart over! Sometime’s I’m extra greedy and get a side of chips - they are just too good with that side of mayo. For all the sweet-tooth’s out there, they have multiple options for you, like waffles and crumpets! And if you’re a smoothie lover like me, they have this amazing healthy peanut butter milkshake, with almond milk, cocoa and mesquite powder… yum yum yum!

Matcha MylkBar

Well there’s no doubt this place went a little crazy on social media after it’s launch. The venue and the food is visually spectacular. Initially, I struggled to comprehend how a cafe based around Matcha could possibly be good… but boy how wrong I had it. The team behind it have done an amazing job at pulling off a stunning and healthy plant based cafe. Vegan eggs… sounds gross if you ask me… Until I tried them! Similar texture, with the same protein content as a real egg, and actually a pretty decent hit to the pallet. This whole vegan thing ain't so bad! The large menu provides something for every taste bud, a delicious warming pumpkin gnocchi, a green burger with sweet potato fries, or a range of breakfast bowls, the list is really endless. The menu then continues on to a whole page of smoothies and a column dedicated to specialty lattes. If you’re game, be adventurous and try a mushroom or carrot cake latte! I think the best bit though, was when I was given a large piece of paper with a rainbow on it and colouring pencils… Bringing back the good old days of childhood & colouring books. No doubt you’ll have to line up for a table at this popular joint in St Kilda, however, this place is worth the wait. You’re in for an experience.


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