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Updated: Jul 8

As the industry I work in is mainly focused on the physical, I am often asked questions about my lifestyle, and how I stay fit and healthy. So, here are my tips and tricks for the simple, easy and healthy lifestyle I maintain.

The key… There’s no need to over complicate things!

It is vital to stay healthy. As my father taught me, looking after yourself now, builds credits for the future longevity and quality of your life. I continually focus on maintaining a healthy diet. For me, sugar is a killer. If I find myself eating it frequently, I get a small addiction, craving it regularly. If I cut it out of my diet, for even only a few days, I completely get over the taste and desire to eat it. Overall, I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, it makes me feel sick easily and it causes my skin to break out. Therefore, I make a conscious effort to cut down on sugar. This includes no soft drinks, limited amounts of juice and no added sugar into my coffees. I try to fill my fridge and cupboards with healthier snacks, such as nuts and fruit to avoid any temptations.

Cheese and crackers is my weakness, as I eat it a lot. But, we all have something. Moderation is the key. I find that I crave bad foods more if I say to myself I’m strictly not allowed. Allow yourself to pick at these things maybe two or three times a week, but stop after a taster. This should also help avoid binging, as you consciously allow yourself to eat a little of it every few days. If binging does occur, don’t beat yourself up. It happens. When a fresh block of french, creamy cheese is put in front of me… sometimes I can’t stop! Just catch yourself, and make yourself aware. Next time, pull smaller portions out of the packet then seal it up, to avoid going back in for more. Overall, it is unreasonable to think you can cut out all bad foods. Allow yourself some cheat meals and snacks. Become conscious of your habits and give yourself small goals and limitations to help avoid them.

Pre-planning meals is a great way to stay on track as well. Decide what you’re buying from the supermarket before you go, and leave healthy leftovers in the fridge. With busy lifestyles, this isn’t always as easy to achieve. Have a look in your area for top healthy take-away joints and meals. Only allow yourself a cheaper and fattier take-away option once a week.

When it comes to exercise, I really believe that it’s completely different for everyone. It’s really important to find something you love doing. Late last year I began one-on-one boxing sessions which I absolutely love. Before that I would just go to the gym. However, I always found it a chore. That’s why it’s so vital to find the thing that works for you and interests you. Test and trial different classes. From time to time I do yoga. It builds amazing core strength and balance. It’s great for de-stressing and loosening tight spots in the body. Not only that, but it nurtures the mind, leaving you feeling calm and strong.

Having a training buddy can be great, especially to get you motivated again if you’ve been slacking off. I used to run all the time with a girlfriend. Now that my fitness has improved, I love going for runs on my own accord. It can be harder in winter, which is when friend can be great to help push each other out into the cold. If you can find a nice area or path to run, it is amazing to clear your mind and keeps you feeling fresh and alert.

Just like eating in moderation, it’s unreasonable to think you’re going to exercise every day. Even the top fitness models don’t do that. You need to allow your body to rest. We all have days when we are tired and gluggy. Take a small walk or simply, do nothing. We are so used to being on the go in our society, that we forget to stop and deeply rest. This is just as important as staying fit, otherwise you can burn out and create long term issues, such as adrenal fatigue and other dangerous stress related illnesses.

Every morning I take extra supplements and nutrients. I recommend visiting a doctor or naturopath to see if there’s anything your body lacks. My body is slightly Iron deficient, therefore I take supplements to support this. You will be surprised at how something so seemingly small can actually make a big change to your energy and wellbeing. I also have a tsp of Verve Superfoods when I wake up which provides my body with a natural energy boost and an extra dose of nutrients to strengthen immunity and increase overall health and wellbeing.

Lastly, remind yourself daily to consciously look after your mental state. This is often forgotten about. Make sure you tell yourself one thing every day that you are grateful for. Also, see if you can play a little game with yourself, such as compliment one random person every day. By making this a fun little task, you will remember to do it, and you will be surprised at how your mood elevates. I also recommend you read my blog on mediation which I believe is a vital daily technique that is proven to reduce stress, increase energy and help with clearer decision making.

I personally believe that most of us put a lot of pressure on ourselves to be like other people. We see someone doing something so we try and copy. We see a certain body type and we want that. But, it’s just not realistic. When you start to work with what deeply resonates inside of you and interests you, you’ll find a whole other passion for a healthy lifestyle.

Tess xx


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