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Two Minutes with my Screen Husband

Sam Wines is the very talented male model from Melbourne, Australia. Sam and I are lucky enough to have done a stack of photoshoots with each other, always getting partnered as the couple. So I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get to know my screen hubby a little bit better.

Check out the little we chat we had earlier this week.

Sam, your popularity seems to be continually soaring. Can you tell me a little about what constitutes a busy, but still very stylish, mans week?

Well I wouldn't say its soaring, maybe hovering… Regardless, it’s nice to be getting more regular work with good clients that’s for sure! In regards to what makes up my week, most days I’ll be shooting jobs for clients or generating content for my blog. Whenever I have a few hours free during the day I try my best to catch up with friends over lunch or coffee.

We can see your Instagram, @samwines_ , is filled with images of you wearing suits. Do you have a favourite designer and style?

You're not wrong there, that’s for sure! I do love my suiting that’s for sure. With regards to my favourite designers of ‘off the rack suiting’ I’m going to have to go with M.J. Bale, season after season they keep producing the goods. I am an absolute sucker for Double Breasted suits and pin stripes, oh and peaked lapels. If I can find all three of those in a suit, goodbye rent money!

You’d think being your wife I’d know a little more about what you do in your spare time… but clearly I need to pay more attention. Tell us more about your blog. How do you like to stay fit? Do you have any other secrets you’d care to share?

Look to be fair Tess, we both have pretty busy schedules, so it’s hard for us to find the quality husband and wife time that we clearly need to get to know each other better. But hey, this interview is definitely a start!

My blog Man of Style, it’s coming along quite nicely. Theres a whole bunch of continual learning curves that go along with it all and I find the challenge super rewarding when you start to see the results!

I do my best to keep as active as possible, I’ll be the first to admit that it can be super hard to keep on top of fitness. The best thing I've done recently was to give one of my close friends who's a PT to start training me, the extra motivation of having someone push you to your limits really helps with my motivation levels and I’m really starting to notice a difference in my overall fitness which is fantastic.

With regards to secrets I’d like to share, I’m like the ultimate Science nerd. That and I’ve seen literally every episode of Adventure Time.

We both share a common interest in mindfulness and self-development. I write my blogs and study different beliefs in my spare time. How do find yourself tapping into this world and what catches your attention most?

On the day-to-day side of practicing mindfulness, I try to maintain a decent morning routine involving guided meditation using the Headspace app and whenever I get the chance I read work from Jack Kornfield, Daniel Siegel as well as listening to the Ted Radio Hour and Philosiphise this podcasts when I’m driving.

Also, I happen to know on your nights off shooting you spend some DJ’ing. What kind of music do you play and whats your top 3 hits of the moment?

Well with the venue I DJ at I am very restricted with the music Genres that I can play. Mostly I have to read the crowd and play Party Tunes, as well as Commercial House Music.

My personal taste in music is somewhat strikingly different to what I play.

My top 3 hits that I am really digging at the moment and have on repeat are:

  • September - Earth, Wind and Fire (Throttle Remix)

  • King Kunta - Kendrik Lamar (Andy Murphy Remix)

  • Sleep Sound - Jamie XX

Oh and I’m still waiting on my wife to come down and support me at one of my gigs! But something tells me that wont be happening anytime soon…

Oi! I'll come and down soon, I like to think of myself as a good wife...

Do you have any advice for men who struggle to style that perfect outfit? Give us your top tips for mens styling.

Alright, I have a few rules that all men can easily abide by to nail their outfits.

First up, know your own style and own it. There’s no point wearing something and not being confident about your choice of attire.

Secondly, keep it simple and focus on how each item compliments your outfit as a whole. Know the colour wheel and how certain colours contrast or compliment each other.

For all the gals out there, what’s the perfect present you could receive from a girl?

To be honest, I’m pretty easy to please. A coffee and a decent conversation should do the trick!

Well husband, I'm glad we were able find time in our busy schedules to talk.

Hopefully we will again soon! XX

Check out Sam's website www.manofstyle.com.au

and Instagram @samwines_


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