• Tess Shanahan

Tess' Cafe List 101

I love love love eating. I think it’s one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Melbourne’s café scene has boomed in the past few years. There are new cafes opening up monthly.

My obsession probably started from working in a café straight out of school and becoming totally hooked on good coffee. Now, I no longer work in a café, but eat at different ones every few days :D

The choice is always endless, and the notes in my phone is filled with a giant list of cafes to visit. Once I’ve been, they get a nice little tick next to their name.

Should I leave the whole list here?... First you'll have to give me some feedback on this post, and then, convince me if I should publicize the rest...

However, what are my favourites? Here’s a quick overview.

JourneyMan –

I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve been here. Simply, because each dish on the menu is so delicious. Situated on Chapel St, Prahran it’s super close to everything. My favourite meal is the beetroot cured Salmon and quinoa salad. So many great flavours and nourishing for the bod! The chia pudding would probably have to be almost my favourite one to date. But the food here isn’t just for the fitness freaks. It also has the best hangover breaky in my eyes, the crispy kale and potato rosti dish. And no, just because there’s kale doesn’t mean it’s healthy! It’s perfect for soaking up those pesky, lingering 151 shots. Ha ha.

Industry Beans –

What a cool joint. Located in Fitzroy, or Brunswick, I’m not sure, that area blends into one to me… Industry Beans is super trendy. A whole menu is dedicated to coffee, where you can carefully selected the origins and flavours you desire. For the ultimate coffee connoisseur, this is your home. Not only that, but they find themselves a few awards, including the ‘British restaurant and bar design awards 2014’… not bad! The thing I love about their seasonally changing menu is the fact that they venture into some crazy sides of cooking, yet they pull it off. I find many new cafes popping up are trying so hard to have unusual menu items, but rarely it’s something that satisfies that hungry morning tummy. This is not the case for Industry Beans. Go check it out and make sure to try their vegetable chips.

A Thousand Blessings –

You literally do feel blessed when you walk into this café by the warm smiles from all the friendly staff. I find this café so homely and comforting, the atmosphere and the food! Make sure you chat to Teddy at the coffee machine while you wait for that perfect coffee to be made. Pretty much anything on this menu will taste delicious. I find myself working through each and every item, one day I’ll have tasted everything...! They even manage to make each of their large array of salads and wraps bloody awesome! Most days after I finish a tough boxing working, I’ll head here to have a big, colourful, refreshing juice. Head to Richmond for this gem.

Muharam Café –

My local watering hole. Such a cute café located in Hawthorn, this is my daily go-to. Super awesome staff, delicious coffee and even better food. You know you will always walk out of this café with a super full and satisfied stomach, whether it’s from the awesome smashed avo, red velvet pancakes, or chia pud that gives Journey Man a run for it’s money, you can’t go wrong. Defintely try a Verve Superfoods smoothie, but if you're a decadent one and if you’re game enough, try one of their very famous Freak-Shakes. Nut’telling Milkshake or Golden Gay Time shake are out of this world! Make sure you book in for that pilates class after though… those calories will need serious burning!

Kitty Burns –

This bad boy has only just opened, and boy have they nailed the layout. I am obsessed with the warm Scandinavian theme they have gone for. Soft woods, accompanied by soft pastels and some beautiful greenery livening up the area. Adorned with giant glass windows and double story high walls. Situated in a little sanctuary (literally, Riverside Apartments The Sanctuary) this place isn’t just nice to look at, the food is great too. A whole page of different smoothies, (they know how to please me), and beautifully presented dishes, such as charred greens, rockling omelette, or coffee and fruit waffles for a treat. You can’t go wrong.


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