• Tess Shanahan

Behind the Scenes

Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes on a photoshoot? Most people I speak to often ask - as there is a lot more that happens to pull a shoot together than meets the eye. Have you ever considered venturing into modelling but not sure where to begin? Well here are some insights into the modelling world.

The best way to find an agency is to simply do a google search of the agencies in your state, then shoot them an email with your measurements, pictures which best represent you and expression of interest for a face to face meet. Don't worry if not all agencies are keen to meet. Rejection is one of the most common things to face in the industry, so you have to have thick skin from the beginning and realise it is not personal.

Castings are an essential part of the modelling world. Before you get booked for a job, you will most likely have to attend a casting. I recently worked with The Photo Studio to provide a compilation of information to help you launch into the industry. The first article is '7 Tips to Nail Your First Model Casting.' Depending on what the job is for, you will most commonly be asked to do a runway walk in front of the panel, get some pictures taken and provide your folio of work and tests, along with a comp card which features all your measurements and best pics. Your agency will help you compile all of this. Click here to view the article.

So, what happens when you book your first job?! Days can often be really long and fast paced. You have to stay on your game the whole time. A photo can enhance your mood of fatigue or boredom, so it's not possible to slack off. It's not always an easy job, however, it can be extremely fun. And, when you love your job, you forget about the difficult side and get into the zone. Below is a video from 'the Photo Studio' shoot. It shows a little sneak peak of how a day operates. Starting off with hair and makeup, then usually there will be multiple looks and changes throughout the day. I got to shoot this with one of my close friends - so really, it didn't even feel like work!

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