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Hello and welcome to my blog,

I have taken a great interest in spirituality recently, but I have always grown up around it. I am reading many different texts, books, researching and listening to a wide range of teachings and religions. My general consensus is, however, that they are often very limited. This is where the idea for my blog was sparked.

There are usually two varies of limitations that I have found. The first is limitations on depth of knowledge. A lot of people quote-famous spiritual teachings, which can often sound a bit cleashay and over used. They also rarely go into depth of how to actually obtain a certain way of living that the quote is signifying.

The second variation is that a teaching can be very insightful and knowledgeable, except it is completely engrossed in its own rules and theories. I think that is too limited. Every one of us, each soul is different and requires an individual way of looking for a higher purpose. One cannot say ‘live your life like this and you will find fulfillment.’ Everyone has an individual path. It’s not a rulebook. Connecting to the divine (to god) is not about giving up or sacrificing. It is about personal growth and experience.

Happiness is characterized by a positive way of thinking, a conscious awareness of the world and beings around us, and a healthy nourished body that supports oneself as it flourishes on the journey of life. That leads to the purpose of this blog; which is to show the connection between various religions, ideas and teachings, and illustrate how they all come together in search of one core purpose. Thus resulting in a happier, peaceful and more aware way of living.

Each post will be featuring something new that I have discovered. Something that I feel is important in raising awareness to achieve a more conscious and connected way of living. I want to share with you knowledge from teachings all around the world. My aim is to ignite curiosity in you. I want to allow you to build your own interpretation of what spirituality is for YOU. I want to show how it can help YOU live a more fulfilled life.

We can uncover this journey together. I will treasure any feedback and would appreciate any personal views and aspects. I will grow along side you so please share with me your stories and knowledge.

There is no end goal. Don’t seek enlightenment and peace. One must learn to live in the present moment and live in the Divine Self.

Have I achieved enlightenment? You will know when you no longer have to ask the question.

Transform now. Avoid the rush later.

Love Gauri


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