Bruce Lipton & Power of the Subconscious Mind

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used
when we created them.” – Albert Einstein

Before I begin, there are a few ideas and basic definitions that I want to make sure you know, which will help explain Liptons’ work.

Quantum Theory – explains the nature and behaviour of matter and energy, concluding in-part that the observer of an experiment can alter the outcome.

Dystrophy – a disorder in which an organ or tissue of the body wastes away.

Epigenics – the study of genetics variation due to external, environmental factors. These factors can switch genes on and off.

White Brain Matter –  whitish nerve tissue of the central nervous system that is composed mainly of nerve fibres (or axons).

Grey Brain Matter – greyish nerve tissue of the central nervous system that is composed mainly of nerve cell bodies & dendrite.

The thing which gets me buzzing most, is when I hear of theories or experiments that challenge the status quo. We live in a society where we tend to follow each other and subconsciously absorb information that is fed to us. So, when someone like Bruce Lipton comes along and challenges the way we look at genes and DNA, I cannot wait to learn more of this fascinating work. Not only does he challenge the established scientific view, but he introduces the concept that as individuals we can alter genetic structure using the power of the mind.

Who is Bruce Lipton? He began his scientific career in 1973 as a cell biologist. His main focus was on muscular

dystrophy and stem cell technology, examining how cells interacted. After many years of study and teaching, he continued his research by demonstrating how the conscious mind can change cellular function, as explained by the theory of Quantum Physics. In 2009 he was the recipient of the Goi Peace award.

His research concluded that the environment of a cell controlled the behaviour and physiology of it, and changed its genetic function. Basically, when linking the theories of Epigenics and Quantum Physics, a cell (or gene) will be a compliment to its environment which is a result of the physical and mental environment you provide it. Project good thoughts and this is how your body will respond. He calls this idea our ‘belief system’. He refers to documented stories where a person has achieved something seemingly impossible with the power of the mind in dire situations. For example, women lifting cars off children, or people walking across hot coals that would normally burn, and there are many more. So, if there are factual reported happenings, how come we have not looked into it more? This is exactly what Lipton studies.

Lipton continually advocates studies to show that we can prevent illness’s with mental thoughts and the right vibrational food. However, as a collective, we haven’t looked further into these methods because it doesn’t get the support from the huge organisations and pharmaceutical companies whom run modern society. He says that the crash of these institutions in necessary to advance humanity. Potentially, a better society could arise if we start teaching about quantum physics (the power of thought to influence our environment) and it’s link to cell health. For example, we could begin to eradicate a range diseases. Furthermore, places like prisons, which are the centre of negative, aggressive and dangerous energy/vibrations, could be managed in an entirely different way, linking proper thinking with a positive environment which should lead to enhanced rehabilitation.

In America, the third leading cause of death is from medicine. Yes, from pharmaceuticals. That is not to dismiss the medical system as it does great things, however, more so when it comes to surgery and operations. When dealing with things like diabetes, depression and other health issues there are still a lot of gaps. Lipton’s studies are proving that there are other ways to keep the body healthy. When you connect the mind and the body, linking the belief system and seeing how cells react to each other, there are profound results.

If we look at the work of Elissa Epel, a Ph.D professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of California San Francisco, we see again how there is a direct link of the mind to the body. Epels’ research shows that there is a link between telomere length and meditation. Telomeres are the protective protein caps on the ends of our chromosomes, which protects them from “fraying” when cells divide. The longer the telomeres, the more times a cell will split and replicate itself. Each time a cell divides and refreshes, the telomeres become shorter, which begins the natural human ageing process. A healthy diet and active lifestyle is known to extend the length of telomeres and in turn, our longevity. Poor lifestyle choices, like smoking and obesity, will decrease the length, and increase chance of disease and quicker ageing processes.

Epel has now proven through studies comparing groups who practise mediation on a frequent basis to groups who don’t practise at all, that telomere length can be extended with meditation. The meditators didn’t even have to focus on the idea of promoting telomere strength during their meditation, it was due to the sheer replenishment and stress reduction that found the lengthening occurring. And it doesn’t stop there. A study was conducted using an MRI scanner to measure cortical thickness of the brains grey and white matter between practiced meditators and non-meditators. Results showed a staggering difference concluding that meditation can support preservation of brain structure, which naturally occurs with ageing. An incredible study finalising that this frequent practise in life can be used for anti-ageing reasons, disease prevention and a longer life.

The biggest question now is how do we continue to apply and expand these approaches, linking consciousness to physics. The greatest benefit to mankind is the power of the mind, and we have barely begun to explore it.

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