The Travellers Guide to Aussie Style Cafe’s

I love to travel… And I love to eat.

Everything about travelling is incredible; the experiences, throwing yourself out of your comfort zone, the people you meet and the opportunities that present themselves. However, if there’s one thing I missed strongly when overseas… It’s a good coffee and a fricken’ avocado that’s smashed on some decent sourdough! Is that really too much to ask for? Well turns out it is. Melbourne is extremely spoilt for choice when it comes to a good brunch. The rest of the world don’t know what they are missing out on! So, it would be no surprise that some of the best cafes around the world are created and owned by Aussies. All I wanted when I was away was a concise list of the top places to eat in the top cities… So, that’s what I’ve created.

Most here are owned by Aussies (with an *) and the others owned by some darn good people, who just know how to make a good feed. Two ‘**”s means it’s a personal fave. 🙂 

This is the first list of many more cities to come. Stay tuned!

New York City

Blue Stone Lane Collective Cafe *

Toby’s Estate *

Two Hands *

Little Collins *

Coco Cru **

Ruby’s Cafe *

Brunswick *

Flinders Lane *

Laughing Man Coffee & Tea *

Milk Bar *

Bluebird Coffee Shop *

La Colombe *

Sweatshop *

Birch Coffee 

Blue Bottle Coffee 

Box Kite

Marlow and Sons 



Bronzed Aussies (coffee & meat pies) *

Two Guns Espresso *

Laughing Man Cafe (part owned by Hugh Jackman) *                 

Coffee + Food *

Paramount Coffee Project *

Latina *

Food Lab 

Alfred’s (just coffee & bagels)

Intelligentsia (just coffee) 

Go get em Tiger 

Coffee coffee




Workshop coffee *

Kaffeine *

Caravan *

Flat White *

Shoreditch Grind *

Granger & Co *


Embassy East

Breakfast Club 

The Good Egg 

Black axe Mangal 

The Modern Pantry 



Father Carpenter **

Melbourne Canteen *

The Barn (just coffee) *

Companion Coffee *

Five Elephant 

No Fire No Glory


Bonanza Coffee (just coffee)

Distrikt Coffee


The Bowl




Federal Cafe *

El Picnic *

Flax and Kale **



Passions Cafe 

La Paloma

Cala Bonita (more restaurant vibe, Karen Martini written menu) *



Cafe Coutume *

KB Coffee Shop *

Ten Bells *



Strada Cafe (just coffee) *

Fondation Cafe *

Cafe Lomi *

Cafe Tabac

Cafe Kitsune (just coffee)

Cafe Madam

Tuck Shop (specialises in Vegetarian food) *



Sisterfields *

Revolver *

The Spicy Coconut *

Drop the Coffee Spot

Sea Circus

3three Cafe


Shelter Cafe

Crate Cafe

Cafe Organic Bali

Betelnut Cafe

The Fat Turtle

Cafe Zucchini


Earth Cafe

Food Folk

Freak Coffee

Clear Cafe

Souq Cafe

Bumbak coffee 



Bills (same as the iconic Sydney’s Bills) *

About Life Coffee Brewers (just coffee)

Emotesando Koffee (just coffee)

Bread Espresso 

Blue Bottle Coffee

Onibus (just coffee)


% Arabica


Kuala Lumpur

Antipodean *


Yellow Brick Road

The Red Bean Bag

Feeka Coffee Roasters (just coffee)

Three Little Birds

Bremen Coffee (just coffee)



Toby’s Estate *


Common Man Coffee Roasters

The Plain Cafe

Toby’s Estate 

Jones the Grocer



Caffeine *


Sri Lanka 

Cricket Club Cafe *

Let’s Brunch 

Cafe Kumbuk

Aura Cafe 


Sydney *

Grounds of Alexandria **

Paramount Coffee Project

Rustic Pearl



Pablo & Rusty’s

Something for Jess


Nelson Road Tuck Shop

Earth to Table

Sadhana Kitchen

Bread & Circus

Bondi Wholefoods

Three Blue Ducks

[ So many more I could list – Urban List sum it up well… ]