Medical Metamorphosis

June 5, 2017

When I first started my blog, my aim was to share with you interesting and slightly controversial topics that might challenge the status quo. It’s been a while since I’ve written something of this nature. Recently, I found inspiration to share a topic that requires awareness and more research. 


Before I begin, I want to clearly state that I am not telling anyone to go against medical advice nor am I prescribing anything. I am not trained in any medical field. My point here is to share ideas that need to be researched by government institutions, researchers and pharmaceutical companies alike. I believe it’s always best to obtain a second opinion at minimum when seeking advice, even by professionals. Do your own research so you have the full spectrum of knowledge to help you decide which course of treatment to accept. Although it is comforting to believe everyone who is a professional, knows what is best for us, it is not always the case.


Last year, I wrote a blog about the controversial and shocking truths behind the worlds largest pharmaceutical companies. These mega-making money industries have a focus on drugs and treatments regimes that make a profit. It is very disconcerting. However, I know humans have not scratched the surface of our true potential, this includes medical treatment regimes. We need to constantly explore with optimism and not fear. 


Four of the top 10 ways to die stem from diet. These include heart disease, cancer, stoke and diabetes. This is a big statistic implying what we put into our body determines our longevity and quality of life. It also means, that whatever we are putting into our bodies, whether natural or chemical, it will alter the way our bodies respond to disease. We have to the power to cure or prevent certain diseases or illnesses with diet and lifestyle. The medical system relies more on intervention and drug based treatments than prevention via diet and lifestyle. With a little more research and a slight change of view in how we treat illnesses, we have the potential to evolve in to an even stronger, healthier and happier society.


The problem with todays medical system is that it looks at treating symptoms instead of causes.

With this approach it is leaving millions of people with unresolved or reoccurring illnesses. When taking medication or antibiotics often side-effects occur, including prolonging the illness and compromising the immune system. Sometimes these side-effects are just as bad, if not worse, than the original problem. Our abuse of consuming antibiotics is the reason for an increase in antibiotic resistant bacteria. 


Don’t get me wrong. The medical system is 110% necessary. Doctors, nurses and surgeons do phenomenal and highly commendable work. When it comes to treating accidents and injuries, the medical system is well advanced. Furthermore, sometimes disease and illness is so far spread through the body, that one has no option except utilise conventional methods. 


If we take a look at the work of author Anthony Williams and his New York times best seller ‘Medical Medium,' he emphasises more research still needs to be undertaken within our medical system. Like myself, people are now stating that he is one of the most insightful and astute healers of our time. Williams’ focuses on ‘mystery’ illnesses that still to this day baffle the medical system, such as chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid problems, autism, depression and so on. Some of his patients have been battling with these illnesses for over 10 years and were unable to find a solution. One woman claimed she has visited over 400 doctors and specialist never to be alleviated of her problem. His patients have almost all been cured within 3-24 months. 


He states the body would never attack itself for no reason, which the medical system doesn't always acknowledge. Williams’ looks at a persons life as a whole and establishes where the root of the problem is coming from. The key to this strategy is that it looks for the cause. 

How does he achieve these results? With no pharmaceuticals… Just with the right healing foods, supplements, and a very controlled diet and lifestyle. He also talks about how to free the body of toxins, strengthen gut health, and immunity. I highly recommend this book. His work has been praised by the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Naomi Campbell and multiple authors, professionals and businesspeople.


One of the most fascinating documentaries I have watched is called ‘The Sacred Science.’ Based in Peru’s Amazon rainforest, 8 test subjects are taken here to be treated by Indigenous healers sometimes called ‘Medicine men’ to relieve them of their diseases, within just 30 days! 

Why the Amazon? There are 44,000 species of plants, which only 1% have been studied by western scientists for their medicinal value. However, that 1% amounts to 25% of ingredients in pharmaceuticals found on our shelves. This statistic is staggering and begs the question; Why aren’t we putting more money into researching these natural solutions? Well, there’s no big money in natural remedies. 


The documentary shows significant results in the patients recoveries, including a reduction in cancer cells, significant aiding of Parkinson’s, cured alcoholism and depression. Even someone who had been suffering from crones disease for over 20 years was cured within 5 months. 

To put this into perspective, one of the leading causes of death in higher income countries is Type 2 Diabetes. In this film, one of the test subjects suffers from Pre-Diabetes. This is when your blood sugar levels are higher than normal, yet are just under the threshold to becoming Type 2 Diabetes. In the U.S., around 35 million people suffer from Diabetes and another 95 million suffer from Pre-Diabetes. Approximately 35% of these people will develop Type 2 Diabetes in a period of 6 years. Within just 11 days of his 30 day detox, this man was completely cured. He was able to leave the rainforest early and continue on with normal life. No drugs, no pharmaceuticals, just the right food and herbs sourced from the Amazon. Now, put that into consideration with the 1.6 million deaths in 2015 from diabetes globally. 


The indigenous medicinal doctors also state that they see a relationship between disease and lifestyle scenarios. For example, people who have suffered similar traumas often have the same diseases. This shows a significant connection between emotions and sickness. The bodies cells react in particular ways, depending on their environment. This includes mental and physical environment. Bruce Lipton, PhD in stem cell biology, studies these connections. I have written about him in another blog. Click Here.


There are many other forms of treatments in various cultures which also show significant results. These include Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, naturopathy and so on. Often pharmaceuticals are avoided by these practitioners, because they obtain results with a more holistic and natural approach. Chinese medicine believes disease comes from an imbalance in our energy flow, that is ‘Qi’. After all, we are still beings of ‘energy’ and we have to keep our energy ‘healthy’ just like we do on a physical level. The growing research of the benefits of meditation is evidence of this connection. Stress can exacerbate an array of diseases, some that I have spoken about previously. Meditation is proven to relive stress, which in turn helps prevent disease. Ideally, if we could take components of various traditional remedies and incorporate them into our western medical research, we could be on the path to profound advances within the health system.


I’m a great advocate for Chinese medicine. One woman had been struggling to get pregnant for over 24 months. She tried all conventional methods. After one session at a Chinese practitioner here in Melbourne, she became pregnant. Another person I know had been suffering a mystery back pain for years, with only pain relieving medication prescribed. Acupuncture and traditional Chinese treatment cured his debilitating problem.


It’s important to talk about minor illnesses or problems that our current system usually prescribes ‘popping a pill’ or antibacterial treatments for. Many smaller issues can be solved easily and naturally. For example, natural common cold or flu preventions include olive leaf, echinacea, garlic, vitamin c, probiotics, ashwaganda, astragalus, just to name a few. Having a flu shot annual injects more chemicals into the body. It’s possible to achieve the same results naturally. Another example is topical treatments. Certain fungal infections can be treated with essential oils like tea tree and eucalyptus. Then there’s forgotten importance of fruit, which can aid adrenal gland issues, strengthen your endocrine system, restore liver, repair vascular system and event combat cancer. There are many alternative solutions out there that need to be explored, studied and then promoted.


As a society we are obsessed with a ‘quick fix’ but we are yet to see the real effects this will have on our bodies longterm. I encourage everyone to think about the potential affects of taking medication. I recommend eating lots of fresh foods, including a high proportion of fruit and vegetables. Avoid processed foods, saturated fats and eat with balance. Nourish your body to help prevent illness in the first place.


In conclusion, our current medical system is far from complete. It can take a lot of courage to stand up for what you believe in or what you think is right. I admire researchers and authors who devote their lives to exploring what other potentials are out there, putting themselves in the firing line of critical judgment. The fact is, we won’t advance if we never look outside the box.

I hope I have created food for thought and discussion. 

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