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January 23, 2017

As the end of 2016 drew closer, I found my skin becoming more and more fragile. A year of full time work in my industry, normal hormonal changes that females are constantly challenged with, and a busy December of events and socialising - my body was telling me it wasn't happy, and the result was showing in my skin. 


An American study shows* that approximately 85% of all people in the U.S. between the ages of 12-24 suffer from some degree of acne or breakouts. This statistic is staggeringly huge. It can be a real strain on people's life, causing embarrassment, stress and even depression. 


Every day at work my skin is put under stress, with different products, exposure to sun and lights causing sweat and so on. As my face is such a key part of my job, it was vital for me to decipher how to deal with these issues. So, here is what I found. I must add, acne is such a personal thing, so I can't guarantee what worked for me will work for you. It really depends case by case, and it's always important to consult a specialist. 


I was lucky enough to be introduced to the amazing ladies at Missie Coco. An award winning boutique in Prahran, Melbourne, where I straight away felt at home walking in. I have now been going there every few weeks for months, where I have seen amazing improvements in my skin.

We started with a Visia skin analysis which allowed us to see exactly what was going on under the surface of my skin. A series of photos showed the layers of my skin and where they were badly affected, including UV damage, wrinkles, texture and more. From here the girls were able to correctly prescribe both products and in clinic treatments.


I began using Aspect Dr. Skin products, which I used religiously day and night. This included two cleansers, exfoliating serums, Multi B vitamin serum, Problem Skin serum and a beautiful redness reducing oil. The products helped to cleanse without stripping my skin, hydrating it, without causing oiliness, and keeping it free of bacteria. 


To externally deal with all the stress my skin had been under, we started my treatments with a series of PCA chemical peels, specifically formulated to reduce breakouts, oil flow and any scarring. The girls conducted a series of different levelled peels each week I went, to including an extraction to attack everything stuck under my pores, keeping it nice and smooth.


For the next part of my treatment, I was placed under a LED Healite. It's low light therapy which enhances natural cellular recovery, helping my skin rejuvenate and subside breakouts. I now go under the Healite almost every week to help my skin continue to rejuvenate. The orange light is incredibly healing and regenerating, and the blue light targets acne specifically. Here I am looking a bit like an alien. 




As well as attacking the skin externally, a lot of breakouts and acne stem internally. While undergoing treatment, it was vital I was eating clean. Missie Coco gave me Miss Vitality curcumin forte tablets and Miss Vitality Elevate (used in my smoothies) to help reduce internal inflammation and assisting in cleansing the body. Think of it as practitioner grade skin products, on the inside. I then began to cut down even more on processed and fatty foods. I began using a face-map, to determine which of my organs were most affected. You can see on the image to the right. For me, the most affected area was my liver, so I cut back on alcohol. I began to detox using activated charcoal for a few days, lemon and warm water in the mornings and fresh, vegetable based juices. Following that, I rebuilt my system with probiotics and omega 3 tablets. 


Another common cause of breakouts can be an intolerance to something. It can even be something small and random, such as one piece of food in your diet. I know a friend of mine suffers from breakouts when she eats pork or coconut. So, if it's something that's really bothering you, it's worth keeping a food diary.


I hope this can help any of you suffering from skin issues. Keep trialling everything until it works for you. And remember, so many people suffer at some point, so you're not in it alone! I now continue to see the amazing ladies at Missie Coco for the most best treatments and upkeep. Glowing and healthy xx






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