The Story Behind Verve

February 7, 2016

An Interview with myself!


In this day and age we are all surrounded by health and image. Whether it’s Instagram posts filling our feed, girls walking down the street in their active wear, or billboards promoting healthy, summer fit bodies, we can’t escape it. There isn’t a better time it could have boomed as an industry. We are faced with many temptations. We are a hard working society. We push ourselves. We allow for little down time. Therefore, our bodies crave good nutrition to have the ability to keep up with our jam-packed lives.




Why did Verve begin?

I have always been passionate about eating well and living a healthy lifestyle. However, for many years, beginning around my late teens, I was finding that I was often really tired, I wasn’t keeping up with my workload and I was really dependent on coffee. I wanted something that was going to provide me with good nutrition and boost my energy, however, it couldn’t be expensive and it couldn’t be complicated… Voila! Verve!


How did I start?

Initially, I did a lot of research into ingredients that I thought would best aid my issues. There was lots of testing and trialing on my own body and reactions; my kitchen cupboards exploding with different products. I then ran through my final list with long-term professionals in the health and organics industry. After designing the final packaging and setting up the brand, I got to work. Verve is hand made with love and packaged to be sent off to you!


What makes Verve better than other superfood products on the market?

It combines a range of ingredients in one small packet, so you don’t have to go out and buy all the separate ingredients to make a nutritious meal or drink. I wanted to make something extremely beneficial to the body without the hefty price tag. Verve only sets you back a small $15 for approx. 30 serves. This is significantly lower than most green powders, however, you still get the same nutritional value. Most green powders are also very rough on the palette, but I ensured Vervey was easy to consume! We put a lot of thought into the reaction of the ingredients when mixed together, to ensure they all work in synergy with each other and in turn, your body!


What is in Verve?

At the moment there is only one product in the range. Verve Tatum, which is a green-based powder. There are seven ingredients including Spirulina, Kale, Matcha, Guarana for starters. It’s rich in protein, fibre, magnesium, Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamins A, C and K, and the list continues. Verve Tatum will assist in energy, immune strength, making you feel fuller for longer and much more. Refer to the website for more details!


Why did I choose the name Verve?

It means vigor, vitality, liveliness, and spirit or enthusiasm.

This was my initial goal; to have a product would make you feel stronger and give you more energy. I thought it had a nice ring to it and so it stuck.


How does Verve benefit me?

Since incorporating Verve into my diet, my skin is brighter, my hair is healthier, my energy levels are higher and I barely get sick. Try it out for yourself. I love hearing feedback so send me an email and let me know what it does for you!

Also check out the recipes page for some delicious ways you can consume Verve.


I truly believe that looking after yourself now creates credits for the future longevity of your life. Natural, raw, unprocessed, and preservative free foods are vital. This along with superfood supplements puts you right on track of a happy and healthy life. 




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