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October 25, 2015

Why do I write this blog? To share awareness and promote my ideas on positive living. It takes me time to write these blog posts, as I need to feel really passionate about the topic at hand. Some days I sit here and feel my blood tingling as ideas reap into my head. Streams of thoughts going in and out so fast I can barely type to keep up.

Today my blood is boiling, at a topic, which frequently comes up and gets me going on a tangent. We are in society being hoodwinked, as a society. We are being betrayed and lied to. We are a herd sheep run by rogue farmers in a corrupt land.


I’m going to tackle the topic of pharmaceutical drugs, the industry and the importance of the good nutrition.


For starters lets take a look at the companies that are supposed to be here for our benefit, for our wellbeing. The pharmaceutical industry is worth almost half a trillion dollars every year. This is massive, one of the biggest industries in the world. However, according to the British Medical Journal, only 12%, AT BEST, of drugs that come out onto the public market actually work. Yes, you did read that correctly. 12% of drugs can actually cure the illness/problem that they claim to do. So how does the other 88% of pharmaceutical drugs circulate our planet as legal medication?


For starters, to circulate more money quickly and into the pockets of these big business owners, drugs are rushed through onto the shelves. A study on effects can be completed within 4-8 weeks. This is obscured. This means we don’t know the full or long terms effects of majority of drugs we put into our systems. Not only rushing drugs onto the market, but they are also re-named, re-packaged and re-marketed to target other disorders than what they were originally intended. Furthermore, in Russell Brand’s book, Revolution, he goes on about how pharmaceutical companies lobby for conditions to be diagnosed for which the have the chemical solution. This is backwards! By the drugs are approved we don’t know 50% of the side effects that they can cause. And in saying ‘we’ I mean the scientists and doctors too. Not enough extensive research has been done to prove it. But how does this even happen? Drug trials can be re-done 6-7 times until they get results that can be presented in a ‘good’ way. The flopped data from the other trials gets discarded. No law actually exists stating that they have to release this data. Then PR companies are hired to re-write data and to make it sounds more plausible. Professional authors will put their name on this and sign off on the records. There are so many hidden details and it’s all about effective marketing. So these massive corporations, Public Relation institutions, in conjunction with the government, have created a formula, which enables them to ‘legally’ keep rolling in the big bucks without providing citizens products that are actually beneficial to them.


Continuing on, 70% of medical education is funded by pharmaceutical companies (U.S statistic). Teachers are therefor unconsciously biased to their side. After learning all their knowledge from these money crazed corporations, and gathering the data which these companies have “proven”, your local doctors are taught/fed the information provided… unconcluded or false information. It’s basically an ongoing cycle with what feels like no escape. Doctors also receive very little, if any, training in nutrition. In America an astounding only 6% were. Modern medicine revolves around ‘a pill for every ill.’ And that’s the way the sickness industry wants to keep it.


Pharmaceutical drugs are the fourth leading cause of human deaths. That is equivalent to a jumbo jet plane crashing every day. 106,000 Americans die every year after taking medication AS advised, so this doesn’t even include overdoses! The rate of deaths has doubled in 4 years, which is parallel to the constant push to get more drugs on to the market quicker. We are dealing with severe statistics here and this is not an issue that can be lightly ignored.


One area that really gets to me in particular is the issue of psychotropic drugs, or more commonly known as anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medication. This has become a mammoth issue, as doctors and psychiatrists have become extremely liberal with prescriptions. Psychiatrists’ admit themselves that there is actually no test to verify their diagnosis. There is no blood test, lab test or x-ray to claim this is a disease. Furthermore, according to the documentary ‘Killing Time’, there is no such thing as a chemical imbalance which people suffering depression or anxiety are commonly told. This incredibly strong medication is prescribed commonly with only limited information on the patients’ actual situation. It is normal for people to go through extreme highs and lows throughout life; it is part of being a human being. But now everyone is taught to believe a pill can be popped to solve every emotional problem they encounter.


Another staggering statistic is around half of American’s who commit suicide are taking psychotropic drugs. What does this show??? A four year old could understand this statistic, so why are we not taking this into consideration? These drugs are clearly being over prescribed, too difficult to come off for many patients, or making their depression and anxiety worse.


There are many ways that depression and anxiety can be aided. The reasons we don’t hear about it is because of how our society is operated. These lessons aren’t imbedded in school and university teachings, or the media. It is a complex issue, but for starters one very simple technique is high doses of Vitamin B3 (Niacin). This has been shown to cure depression. Doses can range from 3000mg to up to as much as it takes to cure the person. In one study, a young girl was severely depressed. At home, she would not even exchange contact with her family. After taking doses of 11,500mg at a time, she was then engaging again like nothing had ever happened. There is not one death from Niacin per year on average. There have been one or two deaths attributed to it over the past 15-20 years. Compare this to the statistics of psychotropic drugs. Why don’t more people try this? You cut the chance of addiction, worsening the depression or potential suicidal thoughts. If its not even harmful to try, what has one got to loose?


According to the great Wim Hof, he explains how certain ways of controlling breath, when taught

correctly, can impact the way hormones are released in our body. With a greater understanding of his work and practices, he claims depression can be cured by the individuals capabilities. Simple life techniques such as meditation are also showing statistics to significantly aid these areas. It’s time to open our eyes and start looking around for other methods.


It is important to keep in mind that doctors and medical scientists are rarely challenged. We live in a nanny state, a nanny world. Just because the media, newspaper or local brochure says something is the way it is, this doesn’t mean it is correct. People whom are infatuated with money control us. They do not care about good for the individual. They don’t care about making the world a better place. They care about getting a bigger house, a faster car or a longer holiday. We need to have more education in nutrition. Why aren’t we? One example, vitamins cannot be patented. Therefore, there is not enough money to be made out of them. If we were all healthy right now, if we had natural prevention and cures for majority of illnesses then these giant corporations wouldn’t be making the big bucks. There is no money in being healthy!


There are many simple facts on nutrition that should be more widely spread by those in the medical profession. Vitamins enable the body to heal itself. They activate the bodies own healing mechanisms, strengthening the immune system. If the body is able to fight off illness itself first, without being subject to chemicals, the immune system will strengthen and create resilience for the next time it is faced with that bacterium. Giving the body drugs doesn’t promote health. Chemical drugs try to ‘do the work’ for the body by eradicating the bacteria or virus. Nonetheless this is still just a temporary solution, or it can cause side effects. Vitamins and good nutrition will help the body fight it off with its own abilities. It is important to take into considering what times your body actually really requires pharmaceutical drugs.


Doctor Max Gerson has shown to cure cancer using diet and vitamins. He has a 90-95% success rate in reducing cancer tumors and a 50% cure rate of terminally ill cancer patients. This method has a higher success rate than any current day orthodox treatments. Yet, he is one of the only doctors in the world who uses this method. Most countries have made it illegal to treat cancer with nutrition and natural remedies. Why is this? Why is more money not invested into nutritional training and research? The answer is as clear as day. 


In saying all this, I must re-iterate that there is a need for pharmaceutical drugs. Without them we wouldn’t be where we are today. We wouldn’t have passed many diseases, which now help us to stay alive almost double the amount of time to what we were 100 years ago. The invention of penicillin, the first true anti-biotic, has been crucial for humanity, stopping severe infections in their tracks and as a result saving many lives. We have drugs that can aid disease and pain. We have come a long way, but we are not there yet. We have become obsessed with drugs and for the wrong reasons. This is only furthermore shown with the current issue of growing antibiotic resistance. Because we have been so indulgent with the intake of antibiotics, bacteria in our bodies are beginning to protect themselves. Our systems are becoming immune and building their defenses from the foreign substances. If we continually indulge in this way, we will find ourselves in great turmoil, back at the beginning with no drugs to help us when we really need them.


It’s time for a change. Question the drugs that are put in your hand. Don’t believe everything you hear just because your doctor said. Do your research and check whether there are any other solutions to your issues. Build credits now for the future longevity of your health, with the right foods and good nutrition. It will take time for a change in this hierarchical system but if you agree with me, that there needs to be more education, more awareness and more disruption of power in these pharmaceutical industries then please spread the word. Question everything. Look for more answers. Demand the truth. It starts with you.


*please note most statistics are US based. Statistics found at:


Killing Time Documentary

Making a Killing        

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